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 Golden Spectro 2 cycle pre-mix 12oz. $9.95
 Golden Spectro 2 cycle pre-mix 1/2Gal. $41.95
 Golden Gear Lube 80w qt. $10.95
 Spectro 4 10/30 motor oil qt. $8.95
 Spectro 4 10/40 motor oil qt. $8.95
 Spectro 4 10/40 motor oil GALLON $32.95
 Spectro 4 20/40 motor oil qt. $8.95
 Spectro 4 20/50 motor oil qt. $8.95
 Spectro American V-Twin Motor Oil 20/50 qt. $8.50
 Spectro PLATINUM American V-Twin Motor Oil FULL SYNTHETIC 20/50 qt. $14.95
 Spectro Synthetic 6 speed Transmission Lube qt. $19.95
 Spectro Hypoid GL-5 80/90 Shaft Drive Oil $8.95
 Golden Spectro 4 SEMI SYNTHETIC 10/40 motor oil $11.50
 Golden Spectro 4 SEMI SYNTHETIC 20/50 motor oil $11.50
 Spectro 4 Platinum 100% synthetic 10/40 motor oil qt. $16.90
 Spectro 4 Platinum 100% synthetic 15/50 motor oil qt. $16950
 Year Round coolant qt. $9.95
 XL-1 Bike Wash 32oz. $11.95
 SX2 32:1 Golden 2 cycle pre-mix 16oz. $10.95
 SX2 32:1 Platinum 100% synthetic 2 cycle pre-mix 16oz. $12.95
 SX 4 Motor Oil 10/40 qt. 100% synthetic $15.95
 SX 4 Motor Oil 15/50 qt. 100% synthetic $15.95
 SX Clutch Saver 10/30W qt. $10.95




 H1R 2 cycle pre-mix 12.8oz. $8.95
 H1R 2 cycle pre-mix  liter $26.95
 S-2   2 cycle oil   liter $9.95
 Si-7 Full Synthetic 2 cycle injector oil liter $15.95
 Thumper Semi-Synthetic Motor Oil 10/40 1 liter $13.95
 Thumper Gear Saver 80W/85W   (CRF Gear Box Oil) $12.95
 EXL 10/40 liter $8.95
 ATV 10/30 liter $9.95
 Gear Saver 75W liter $13.95
 Gear Saver 80W liter $13.95
 Assembly Lube 10oz. THE BEST LINKAGE BEARING LUBE! $18.95
 Fork Oil 5W  (for all types of forks) $14.95
 HVI Shock Fluid Lite $16.95
 Engine Degreaser 14.5oz. $6.95
 Foam Filter oil liter $15.95
 Foam Filter Oil Spray 13.5 Oz. $9.95
 6 in 1 lubricant $8.95
 MotoChill Coolant 1 liter $11.95
 Waterproof Grease Tub 16oz. $11.95
 DOT 4 Brake Fluid 12oz. $9.95
 Chain Lube "Blue Tac" 400ml $13.95
 Chain Lube "blue Tac" 175ml $8.95
 Chain Lube  Super Clean 175ml $9.95
 Chain Lube  Super Clean 400ml $16.95





 Super M 2 cycle pre-mix 16oz. $9.95
 Super M 2 cycle pre-mix 1/2gal. $29.95
 927 Castor 2 cycle pre-mix 16oz. $12.95
 927 Caster 2 cycle pre-mix 1/2 gal. $40.95
 Tundra Snowmobile 2 cycle oil Liter $9.95
 Tundra Snowmobile 2 cycle oil Gallon $30.95
 Gear Lube MTL 75W qt. $10.95
 Gear Lube MTL 80W qt. $10.95
 Gear Lube MTL 85W qt. $10.95
 80/90 GL5 Gear Lube ( for shaft drive motorcycles) $10.95
 Maxum-4 Premium 4-Stroke Motor Oil 10/40 Liter $8.95
 Maxum-4 Premium 4-Stroke Motor Oil 20/50 Liter $8.95
 Maxum-4 Premium 4-Stroke Motor Oil 10/40 GALLON $30.95
 Maxum-4 Premium 4-Stroke Motor Oil 20/50 GALLON $30.95
 Maxum-4 Gold Synthetic Blend 10/40 Liter $11.95
 Maxum-4 Gold Synthetic Blend 20/50 Liter $11.95
 Maxum-4 Gold Synthetic Blend 10/40 GALLON $40.95
 Maxum-4 Gold Synthetic Blend 20/50 GALLON $40.95
 DOT 5 Silicone Brake Fluid ( Do not mix DOT 5 with DOT 3, 4, or 5.1) $12.95
 Contact Cleaner $8.95
 Hi-Test Octane Booster 16oz. $6.95
 FFT foam filter oil 16oz. $8.95
 Aerosol Filter Oil 13 oz. 10.95
 Aerosol Filter Cleaner 15.5 oz. $10.95
 Bulk Filter Cleaner 1/2 Gal $22.95
 Chain Wax 5.5oz. $8.95
 Chain Wax 13.5 oz. $12.95
 Clean-Up Chain Cleaner $9.95
 Fork Oil   5W Liter $10.95
 Fork Oil 10W Liter $10.95
 Fork Oil 15W Liter $10.95
 Fork Oil 20W Liter $10.95
 Racing Fork Oil 85/150 (5W) Liter $15.95
 Racing Fork Oil 125/150 (7W) Liter $15.95
 Shock Fluid 3W qt. $17.95
 SC1 Hi-Gloss Cleaner/Polish $11.95
 Speed Wax aerosol spray wax $10.95
 Coolanall Coolant 1/2gal. $18.95





 Air Filter Oil 16oz.


 Air Filter Oil Aerosol 12oz.


 Air Filter Cleaner Concentrate 16oz.


 Air Filter Rim Grease 4oz.


 Air Filter Maintenance Kit (oil, cleaner, grease)


 Air Filter Maintenance Kit (aerosol oil, cleaner, grease)



 Air Filter Oil 1 liter


 Air Filter Oiling Tub


 Air Filter Cleaning Tub



 Blue Label chain lube 5oz. $9.95
 Blue Label chain lube 13oz. $15.95
 Hi-Temp exhaust paint $9.95
 Hi-Temp clear coat for un-painted pipes $6.95
 Fork oil 5W 16oz. $4.95
 Fork oil 7W 16oz. $4.95
 Fork oil 10W 16oz. $4.95
 Pro Cartridge Fork Fluid for KYB and SHOWA qt. $9.95

 800 2T 2 cycle pre-mix liter $20.95
 Trans Oil Gear Lube 10/30 liter $10.95
 Brake fluid 5.1 500ml $10.95
 Chain Lube with Teflon 13.5oz. $9.95
 Chain Cleaner 13.5oz. $8.95

 GP-7 2 Cycle Oil 500 ml $13.95
 GP-7 2 Cycle Oil 1 L. $21.95

 Cross Power 2T 2-Cycle Oil ( for KTM) 1L. $26.95
 ATF Super (For KTM 50cc Trans) 1 L. $12.75
 Cross Power 4T Full Synthetic 5/40 1 L. $23.95
 Cross Power 4T Full Synthetic 10/50 1 L. $23.95
 Cross Power 4T Full Synthetic 10/60 1 L. $24.95



EBC BRAKE FLUID Compatible with all  DOT 3 or DOT 4  fluids. $3.95

CASTROL GT BRAKE FLUID For use in all applications that call for DOT 3 or DOT 4 fluids. $4.95

MOOSE OIL BOTTLE FLEX SPOUT Attaches to any oil bottle. Has a flexible joint for hard to reach places and a tapered, slim end to get in today's small filler holes. $7.95


MULTI FUNNEL The only funnel for those hard to fill items! Use on motorcycles, ATVs, utility vehicles, snowmobiles, lawn mowers, chain saws, tractors, generators, weedeaters, bird feeders, water bottles, baby bottles AND SO MUCH MORE!. Helps stop costly spills. Hands free applications. Exceptional flow rate. Proudly made in the USA $6.95

ENGINE ICE COOLANT Engine Ice will keep your engine running cooler and stronger. Pre-mixed and ready to use. 1/2 Gal. $25.95

STAR TRON ENZYME FUEL TREATMENT Stabilizes fuel for up to a year. Helps cure ethanol problems. Makes engines run smooth. Rejuvenates stale fuel. Easier engine start ups. Helps clean valves.8 oz bottle treats up to 48 gallons. $7.95

MAGURA HYDRAULIC CLUTCH OIL Make your hydraulic clutch perform like new again with the same oil the factory uses. $5.95

CABLE LIFE CABLE LUBE Won't harm modern cables like some household lubes can do. $6.95

MOTION PRO CABLE LUBRICANT Developed by the cable experts. Keeps your cables working smooth. $15.95

DUPONT TEFLON CHAIN SAVER LUBRICANT A dry, self-cleaning lubricant that doesn't attract dirt or fling off. 11oz. can. $7.95

DUPONT TEFLON-SILICONE SPRAY LUBRICANT Great, new hi-tech spray lubricant. $6.95

HELIX HIGH TEMP CERAMIC COATING Flat black color will resist up to 2000o.  $15.95

LIQUID PERFORMANCE BRAKE & PARTS CLEANER works great to clean brake and carburetor parts while leaving no residue behind.  $9.95

 WP2  2 Cycle oil 12.8oz. $6.95
 Gear Lube LV qt. $6.95
 Gear Lube 80/90W qt. $6.95
 Carburetor Cleaner $6.95
 Brake & Parts Cleaner $6.95
 Chain lube 11oz. $7.95


We carry oil filters for many  applications including older dirt bikes, ATVs and street bikes. CALL TODAY!  Starting as low as $4.95


MAGNETIC DRAIN PLUG Helps trap metal particles before they can damage your transmission. Helps keep your oil cleaner. Order by year, make, and model of bike. $9.95 - $11.95

6mm (check Screws)

$  .95



12mm (Most Dirt Bikes)


14mm (Honda, Yanaha, Star, Triumph Street Bikes)


16mm (BMW Street Bikes)


 Harley Davidson Drain Plug O-Ring


 Victory Motorcycles ( Washer/O-Ring Set)


 REPLACEMENT DRAIN PLUGS Comes with sealing washer.  
 XR/Z/CRF 50 79-08


 XR80 79-00 $5.95
 CRF70/80/100 04-08 $5.95
 CR125 74-04 $5.95
 CR250 74-06 $5.95
 XR250 79-04 $5.95
 XR350 83-85 $5.95
 XR400 96-04 $5.95
 CR480 82-83 $5.95
 XR500 81-84 $5.95
 CR500 84-01 $5.95
 XR600 89-00 $5.95
 XR650L 93-06 $5.95
 XR650R 00-04 $5.95
 YZ80 82-01 $5.95
 YZ100 76-83 $5.95
 YZ125/250 84-04 $5.95
 WR200/250/500 91-97 $5.95
 YZ400 76-79 $5.95
 YZ400F/426F 98-02 $5.95
 YZ465 80-81 $5.95
 YZ490 82-85 $5.95

WORKS CONNECTION BILLET ALUMINUM TRANNY FILLER PLUGS Replace the stock plastic plug with this high quality billet aluminum filler plug. Order by year, make, and model of bike. from $19.95

PINGEL TRANNY FILLER PLUGS Great replacement filler plug ads a touch of class to your performance engine. Available for Honda, Kawasaki, Suzuki, and Yamaha.  from $24.95

SILKOLENE AEROSOL PRO RG2 GREASE An advanced ,high melting point , Lithium complex based synthetic racing grease. Pro RG2 grease is a multi-functional , high performance grease with exceptional water-proofing properties and is ideal for bearing and chassis lubrication and conditions of water impact. No mess aerosol can comes with extension tube. 6.25 oz. $7.95

CLEAR SILICONE SEALER General purpose silicone sealer for waterproofing and sealing. $5.95

BLUE SILICONE SEALER Oil resistant silicone for gasket applications. $5.95


RED Hi-TEMP SILICONE SEALER Great for sealing 2-stroke exhaust pipe leaks. $7.95

J-B WELD Super strong 2 part epoxy that will fix almost anything. $5.95

THREE BOND LIQUID GASKET #1184 The same sealer recommended by OEM factories for sealing crank case halves. THIS STUFF IS THE BEST! Don't fu*k around with automotive sealers. If you want your bike repaired to factory specs, this is THE ONLY sealer you should use. Seriously good stuff!  14.95

HIGH TACK GASKET SEALER  Works great on most gaskets. Gas and oil resistant.  $8.95

SAFE SCRAPER  Great for removing gaskets without damaging aluminum cases. Great for hundreds of uses. Remove gaskets, decals, tape, and road tar.  $3.95

PLEXUS PLASTIC CLEANER, PROTECTANT AND POLISH Originally developed for use in aviation, Plexus is the most effective product you can buy for cleaning, protecting, and polishing clear and colored plastics. $15.95

THREAD LOCK BY JB WELD  New JB Welds Blue thread lock. $6.95

LOCTITE BRAND THREAD LOCK The original and the best. Loctite #243 medium strength is perfect for motorcycles. Primer-less, oil resistant and hi temp up to 360oF .05ml tube is just enough for what ever job your working on. No waste . $3.95

 MX BRAND THREAD LOCK Great value medium strength thread locker. 10ml bottle. $5.95

 Medium strength 10ml bottle $7.95
 High strength 10ml bottle $7.95